Private Coaching


Working 1:1 together

on everything that’s holding you back

from thriving again after infertility.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are:

Start THRIVING again just like these incredible clients

"Having the opportunity to work with Lana has been a huge blessing, transformative and very much life changing. Lana is easy to open up to and she really understands this walk more than anyone. Lana is the first person to say to me ‘we can absolutely love our lives again.’ We worked on creating possibilities in my life, week by week which requires paying attention to yourself and being willing to let Lana lead the way. She is a great leader and she always had good suggestions as to how to change what and how we are thinking and what stories we are letting run our lives that may be causing us pain unnecessarily. Lana has been prompt with all methods of communication. I would highly encourage any woman to invest in themselves to work through this with Lana. She is gifted, receptive and highly encouraging to really work on loving our life's again. I was deeply touched having had the chance to work with her. Don’t wait, sign up!"​
"After months of working on myself, I felt like I had reached a plateau. I wanted to learn tools that would help me move forward towards embracing my life. I decided to work with Lana because I knew that she would understand me, as a childless after infertility woman. Being coached by Lana, I felt validated, but also challenged. The biggest game changer for me was becoming aware of my thoughts and asking myself: How is this thought serving me? The community I built with my Thrive After Infertility girls is just the support that I needed to become more confident and start finding peace."​
"Lana is one of the kindest, most compassionate, and understanding individuals. In the midst of an extraordinarily challenging year, Lana has managed to flip my mindset upside down and retrain my brain - literally. She changed my perspective and challenged me to think differently. Each time I met with her, she put me at ease. I began to look forward to each session more and more. The biggest thing I took away from life coaching was changing my perspective and stopping certain thoughts before they even start. I noticed a change in myself, but others did, too. Lana helped me full circle; she coached me to find where I was struggling. Oftentimes we as humans want to change but we don’t quite know where to begin. When I worked with Lana she helped me identify areas for growth and we pinpointed situations in which I could utilize the training. I am so grateful to Lana for giving me my zest for life back. She is truly without a doubt one of the most wonderful people I have ever met."​

Creating a life that you love is available

using my three step Thrive Method

Drop the Sad Story

First, I'll teach you how to develop a vision and show the ability you have to create a legacy and live a life that expands beyond just having kids. You’ll feel connected to a future you didn't even fathom was possible. No longer will you be bothered by people that show sympathy for your infertility.

Reestablish Connection to Yourself

Then we abolish the impending loneliness and isolation that many childless women experience and drop the shame you carry for not fulfilling your desire for motherhood so that you can feel reconnected and excited about your future.

Release the Weight of Infertility

Finally, I help you get reconnected to yourself and sense of purpose, uncovering hidden passions, hobbies and gifts so you can get excited to create your legacy and believe in a purpose that spans beyond motherhood.