The BFA Cycle


The method for women who change the beliefs they carry, feelings they hold, and actions they take after infertility.

Are you tired of struggling to battle negative thinking about your infertility?

Here’s a secret, you can change the beliefs you carry about yourself with the right thought rewiring. 

It hurts being stuck because you can’t picture a future after infertility. 


You’re starting to think you may never love your life again. 


The truth is you need a method that will help you change your beliefs about the life you’ll live after infertility. 


What if this could be your reality… 

❤️ You wake up each day conquering your negative thoughts.

❤️ You never lose time isolating yourself because of your infertility diagnosis again.

❤️ You’re confident in knowing that your future is taken care of.

Introducing The Belief – Feel – Act Cycle Webinar 

Where you’ll learn the 3 Step Method to Thriving after Infertility! 

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside The BFA Cycle Webinar.

✨How to notice and neutralize your negative thinking. 

✨How to identify the facts in your infertility story. 

✨ How to ditch your lost girl thinking. 


Here’s some results from past students who have learned the method…

“The biggest game changer for me was becoming aware of my thoughts and asking myself: How is this thought serving me?” - Idaliz

“The biggest thing I took away from life coaching was changing my perspective and stopping certain thoughts before they even start.” - Katherine

Hi, I’m Lana.


After 7 years of fertility treatments and a lifetime of dreaming of motherhood, I faced the realization that I would not be a mom. The years that followed were full of loneliness, self-judgement and confusion about living a childless life.


Then I discovered life coaching and The BFA method and everything changed. Through the powerful coaching tools I learned, I transformed every area of my life. That’s when I knew that I had to become a Coach myself so I could bring these tools to all the women struggling with infertility and failed IVF.


Just because life didn’t turn out the way we always thought it would doesn’t mean we’re destined to live a mediocre life.


The BFA cycle webinar is right for you if…

You’re struggling to have good days because of your infertility. 

You’ve tried to change your thinking on your own and it hasn’t worked. 

You’re a woman with infertility who wants to thrive and love your life.

Frequently Asked Questions about The BFA Cycle Webinar.

  1. Do I have to pay to reserve my seat for the webinar? 

No, I want this method to be available to anyone who needs it, the tools I’ll teach you inside the webinar are free. 


2. How long is the webinar? 

The BFA Cycle Webinar is a 4 part video series that walks you through each step of the thought rewiring method in 20 minutes or less. 


3. Do I have to have experience with coaching? 

No, in fact when I learned the method I was skeptical about coaching. It wasn’t until I applied the tools with open curiosity that I saw a change in my life. I also suggest to my students that they do the same. Bring an open mind to the table and I will give you the tools to change your story. 


Enroll in the BFA Cycle Webinar to learn how to…

✔️Change the beliefs you carry about your future after infertility.
✔️Manage the feelings you face every day after not becoming a mother.
✔️Take positive action in your life to thrive after infertility.